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If you are currently using an older boiler system to heat your home in Memphis, TN, you are most likely paying too much on your utility costs. Many older boilers operate at an efficiency rating at or below 60%. In many cases, a high-efficiency replacement boiler will begin paying for itself with your first month’s energy savings.

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Nothing beats the charm of an old home, except possibly oppressive heating costs in the colder winter months. One of the architectural elements that contribute to such charm is a boiler radiator system, with its ornate radiators. Yet, as beautiful as the radiators are, older boiler systems may leak, and dated boilers are inefficient.

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Hiring Boiler Repair Services in Memphis

Steam radiators and hot water radiators are very similar, so much so that in many cases they are interchangeable. The most obvious difference between the two is that a hot water radiator is always equipped with two connections: hot water goes into the radiator on one side, and the cooled water leaves on the other side. National Economy Plumbers is one of the few Memphis contractors that have the capability to repair or retrofit boiler heating systems.

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National Economy Plumbers maintains, installs, services, and repairs boiler systems. Ensuring your existing boiler is properly maintained can lower heating costs. A leaking or clogged radiator means lost heat and thus lost energy. A tiny leak can cost you hundreds or even thousands in water damage over time. Whether your current boiler system needs repair, or you want to upgrade, National Economy Plumbers is the answer. If you need help with our other services like commercial or residential plumbing, call us now for more information.