Furnace Repair in Memphis, TN

Get Efficient Furnace Repairs

National Economy Plumbers provides fast, 24-hour furnace repair in the Memphis area. When the temperature drops, many residents in Memphis are surprised to discover that their furnace won’t work. Don’t worry, give National Economy Plumbers a call and we’ll have someone to your home ASAP to perform the furnace repair and have your family feeling warm and cozy in no time.

Furnace Repair Emergency Furnace Repair

Prevent Emergency Furnace Repair with Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to prevent an emergency is by having one of our technicians come to your home or business in the Memphis, TN area. Regular Preventative maintenance will help your furnace run efficiently so that you save money on energy bills. Preventative maintenance will make your furnace last longer. For more information on residential plumbing,commercial plumbing, heating repair, steam & hot water radiator, water heater services, and hot water radiator heaters, and other services, contact our office today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that I need a furnace repair?

Your furnace may be working fine, but there are signs you need to know when it is time for a repair. Make sure to have them checked before the problem gets worse.

If you have difficulties turning your furnace on, if it turns on and off frequently, or it doesn’t turn on when the temperature dips, you need to call NEP’s office to schedule an appointment with a professional technician. Unusual noises or nasty odors coming from your system are also sure signs that it needs repairs. Another tell tale sign is when your energy bill gets more costly than usual.

Can I fix it myself?

If you can relight the pilot light, feel free to do so, but for a thorough repair and cleaning service, nothing beats the work of professionals.

How often will I need furnace maintenance?

It all depends on the age of your furnace. An older furnace will require more attention. Once every two years is enough for furnaces of up to ten years old. For those over ten years, a yearly maintenance will have it working properly.