Professional Steam & Hot Water Radiator Heaters In Memphis, TN

Are you using an old boiler system for your home’s heating? Most likely, you are paying more than you should on your utility cost. A lot of earlier models of boilers function at a 60% or below efficiency rating. High-efficiency, replacement boilers begin paying for themselves during your first month’s energy savings. Of course, nothing will beat the appeal of an aged home – except, perhaps, the overbearing heating costs during the cold winter months. One of the elements that provide such appeal is a boiler radiator system along with its ornate radiators. However, enchanting as they are, an outdated boiler system will leak and will render it inefficient.

Steam Heat Radiator Hot Water Radiator Heat Maintenance

Upgrading To A More Efficient Steam & Hot Water Radiator

Almost every traditional residential boiler radiator heating system is using hot water rather than steam. When steam is used, the boiler first heats the water, which creates the steam. A pump is used to circulate the high-pressure steam throughout the house using radiating coils. National Economy Plumbers prides itself on being part of a handful of contractors in Memphis that repairs or retrofits steam heating systems. We also provide commercial plumbing and heater repairs.

Boiler Repair Services

At National Economy Plumbers, our services include boiler system installation, maintenance, and repair.  Proper maintenance of your existing boiler can reduce heating costs. A clogged or a leaking radiator entails lost heat, which in turn would mean lost energy. A small leak may cost you thousands in water damages over time. If you have a boiler system that is in need of repair, or just wanting an upgrade, National Economy Plumbers is the right solution. Call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common boiler issues?

Some of the most common boiler problems are defective controls and thermostats, failed pumps, low water pressure, leakage, dripping, and no heat.

Can an old boiler become more energy-efficient?

Yes, if the boiler is less than 20 years old. You can upgrade the ductwork, add vent dampers, install programmable thermostats, and add time delay relays to make your boiler more energy efficient. However, if your boiler is older, having a new one installed will be the best option for you.

How do I know my boiler is operating at its best?

Clean your boiler regularly to remove buildup, dirt, and debris. Check for leaks and water spots. If you notice these on the vent, chimney, or heat exchanger, contact a professional technician as soon as possible.

The hot water looks rusty. Is it from the boiler?

Rusty pipes may make your hot water look rusty. Your boiler can also add to the problem so it’s best to have it checked by a licensed plumber to know the exact cause.

How long does boiler repair take?

Depending on the make of your boiler and the repair that needs to be done, repair can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.