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National Economy Plumbers specializes in drain cleaning in Memphis, TN. It doesn’t matter if it’s your toilet, bath, kitchen sink, or basement plumbing because we can deal with any kind of drain.

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Drain Clearing VS Drain Cleaning in Memphis, TN:

Drain clearing is done using a snaking tool that targets the particular part of the pipe with the blockage. Plumbers use the tool to penetrate the buildup and enable water to pass easily through your pipes.

On the other hand, drain cleaning services utilize a process called jetting. Jetting involves blasting pressurized water to the drain system, like a hydro jet to clean the pipes thoroughly. In most cases, National Economy Plumbers will videotape the drain as the water rushes through, the camera will capture what the problem may be. This enables our plumbers to see and figure out a way to resolve your plumbing issue.

While drain cleaning penetrates the blockage with the use of the snaking tool, the entire drain gets swept in drain cleaning, removing whatever leftover debris remains after drain clearing. If the situation calls for it, then both procedures are more effective when applied sequentially.

Consider Regular Maintenance or Get Drain Cleaning in Memphis

Regular maintenance prevents clogged drains in your plumbing system. In case of severe drain blockages – tree roots rupturing the pipes, for instance – National Economy Plumbers will most likely use a plumbing camera and send it down the drain to be able to see the blocked area and observe the situation before we can determine a fitting solution. The pipe or a section of it may need to be replaced in a situation like this.

Blocked drains should always be managed by professionals, whatever the cause may be. Attempting to repair plumbing problems by yourself can be frustrating and end up being a waste of time. Doing so rarely results in an adequate or permanent fix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a plumber to clear a clogged drain?

Unclogging a drain yourself seems simple enough, but it can cause more damage than you think. Most people tend to exert too much pressure when clearing a clogged drain. This can cause the pipes to crack and eventually break.

Using drain cleaners may also work, but continued use of them can erode the pipes with the harsh chemicals they contain. Hiring the professionals is the best way to go as they can do it correctly and safely.

What happens when roots get inside drain pipes?

It may seem bizarre, but tree roots do get inside sewer pipes and can cause several problems. This is because roots seek water and can go inside pipes without us knowing it. Only when our pipes get clogged and a plumbing technician sees it are we aware of the problem.

To prevent them from totally blocking your pipes, you need to contact professional plumbers to have this issue fixed.

Should I be doing anything to regularly treat my drains and decrease my risk of a clog?

To prevent your sinks from getting clogged, you should take some care in what you’re putting down the drain. Regular basic maintenance also helps, here are a few:

Be mindful of what goes down the drains of your bathroom or kitchen. Avoid getting stringy food, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, eggshells, or fruit peels in them. Placing a screen mesh to filter out what goes down the sink will also help.

You can also pour hot water regularly to help dissolve build-up. A good solution is a mixture of a cup of vinegar and a fistful of baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with hot water.

What causes my kitchen sink and washing machine drains to clog?

There are plenty of things that can clog our kitchen sinks and washing machines. Fat, oil, and grease from cooking are major kitchen sink cloggers. Food bits that we carelessly throw down the drain can also cause clogging.

Another culprit is hair. This can be evident in washing machines when we wash our clothes or beddings. It doesn’t take much for hair to clog drains so always make it a habit to take them out when you see them.

Should I do it myself or hire a professional for my drain cleaning?

Sometimes, prevention isn’t enough. As hard as we try to keep our drains from clogging, there will always come a point that they will still be clogged. You can probably do some DIY drain cleaning, but to get the best results, the help of professionals can’t be beaten.

Professional plumbers have the know-how to do the job safely and properly. National Economy Plumbers has technicians that are well trained and have the experience to clear your drains effectively.