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If the building has had the gas turned off for more than a year, a gas pressure test will be necessary in your Memphis, Tennessee, home or place of business. To guarantee it is secure to connect your power, Memphis Light Gas and Water will require a gas pressure test to the existing lines.

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In the Memphis, Tennessee, region, National Economy Plumbers offers a thorough Gas Line Pressure Test service. We do all pressure tests accurately using cutting-edge instruments and technology to guarantee that your pipes are safe and secure and that any potential problems are found as soon as possible. Due to their vast training and experience, our professionals are able to identify even the smallest issues with the gas flow in your home. Our personnel can also collect readings at various locations along the line, log them, and then compare them to baseline data points or to any upcoming changes to the system to verify accuracy and dependability. We will deliver thorough reports indicating required repairs or replacements, along with projected prices and dates, as part of our comprehensive service. We strive to provide exceptional service, so you can relax knowing your gas lines are safe and compliant, allowing you to enjoy your home or place of business without stress.

Your Needs: A Gas Line Pressure Test

Any residence or establishment that has a natural gas line must perform a gas line pressure test. This test makes sure that there are no leaks and that the pressure in the pipes is within the allowed limit. This necessary pressure test can be administered with aid from National Economy Plumbers. Code Enforcement will inspect the location once the pressure gauge is installed and the pipe is capable of supporting the necessary air pressure. The inspection will be allowed for that property and utilities can be connected when the site has been examined and it has been confirmed there are no leaks.

These tests must be conducted on a regular basis as part of a thorough maintenance program, especially if you have old lines or outdated parts. To guarantee you get the best performance out of your system while also avoiding any potentially dangerous difficulties in the future, we always advise a routine test from us.

When Should I Have the Pressure in my Gas Lines Checked?

It is crucial to make sure that your gas line pressure is functioning properly while thinking about the safety of your house and family. As a result, you might be curious about the ideal time to get your gas line pressure examined. Here are a few crucial factors to take into account when choosing the right time to get your gas line pressure examined.

  • After Installation – We advise that after any installation or modification involving a gas device, such as a furnace or water heater, you have your gas line pressure inspected. With the aid of the gas line pressure test, we can make sure that the lines are set up properly and with the correct amount of pressure to ensure the security of your appliances.
  • After Moving In – Before utilizing any of the already-installed appliances in a new home that you’ve just moved into, we advise having your gas line pressure inspected. This will guarantee that all connections are safe and that using such appliances doesn’t pose any safety risks.
  • Yearly – Even if there hasn’t been any recent maintenance, gas lines should still be inspected annually. This will enable us to guarantee that any minor concerns that arise over time are identified before they turn into more serious issues.
  • Before Winter – Since most homes use their heating systems frequently and heavily during the winter, your gas lines should also be tested before that season each year. If they aren’t working properly or at their ideal pressure level for efficiency and safety reasons, this can put additional strain on the lines.
  • If You Suspect a Problem – If you notice any of the following while using your gas appliances: a peculiar odor, colored flames, or strange noises. To make sure there isn’t a potentially dangerous problem with the functionality or connection integrity of your system, it’s probably time for a pressure test.

We are able to check for leaks thanks to routine maintenance. It provides us with crucial information about your current plumbing systems, allowing us to make sure they are operating properly and effectively across your homes and structures.


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